Society pays a steep cost for alcoholism and its effects!

A 2002 study by the County of San Diego put the local cost of alcohol and drug use at $3.8 billion a year. Nationwide, the cost of alcoholism and drug addiction has been estimated at about $500 billion a year.

Funds are diminishing each year because of budget cutbacks.

Currently, Pathfinders seeks to raise $300,000. All donations to Pathfinders of San Diego, Inc. are tax-deductible.

As a social-model recovery program, Pathfinders strives to be as cost-effective as possible — both for the residents admitted to the program and to local taxpayers. Social-model recovery, which only requires a minimum of paid staff, costs a fraction of medically based programs.

The average cost-per-day for a Pathfinders resident is less than $50; the average inpatient cost at a medical facility is $350 per day. Pathfinders — as is the case with most medical facilities — does not accept insurance.

About half of Pathfinders’ revenue comes from an annual county grant, and the remainder comes from tax-free donations and residents’ fees.

How you can help!

Pathfinders needs your help to achieve its very important fund-raising goal and to continue to operate its existing recovery homes — as well as to plan for much needed expansion.

National and local studies have shown that for every $1 spent on recovery and treatment services for alcoholics, there is a $7 savings in health care, law enforcement, welfare and other taxpayer costs. Please make your tax-deductible donation to the organization today. You do make a difference in men’s lives and in the lives of those they touch.  Just click the button below to donate now.

Further Information

For complete information, please call:
Stan Stanley, Executive Director of Pathfinders, at:   (619) 260-1605.
To e-mail Pathfinders: